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The easy to use automatic home micro brewery - the 80 pints BRUMAS® microbrewery has it all: gleaming copper, shining stainless steel and microprocessor technology.  The automated traditional beer brewing process of this real all grain brewery and the original ingredients of finest malt, hops and yeast make an excellent beer. The Brumas brewing process uses fresh natural malt to make the best possible beer – the great taste will convince you.

The BRUMAS® home brewery packs are called BrewPacks. A BrewPack includes all the ingredients separately, including finest malt, hops and yeast. Our brewing process does not use malt extract but real fresh malt to make the best possible beer. The range of BrewPacks available is: Lager, Export, British Ale, Irish Stout or Weizen (Weissbier) or even custom made.

Easy to use also for beginners, the BRUMAS® beer home brewery makes up to 40 litres (80 pints) of high quality beer at a time in the traditional way. The home brewery comes with a reusable stainless steel mash tun - also for your own ingredients. You can add hops according to your taste to adjust the bitterness of your beer, as well as other ingredients of your choice. Our home brewery enables you to design your own individual beer with a great taste. 

The BRUMAS® home micro brewery is doing the brewing automatically for you: while watching TV or reading a magazine or book, all you have to do is to follow the instructions of the illuminated display and use the modern touch screen. The BRUMAS home brewery machine is run by a micro-processor program. The machine cleaning is done by the built-in cleaning program. 

The BRUMAS® home micro brewery is for beginners and experts 
be your own master brewer and design your own beer!

Pubs, restaurants or hotels (or those who want to start a pub) who need a beer brewing license, please contact us for more specific and detailed commercial information.

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