The unique BRUMAS Mashing system

The BrauEule brewing machine heats the mash by direct steam injection. This combines the benefits of two classic brewing methods (decoction and infusion mashing).
The steam injection through the false bottom boils up the thick-mash, dissolves the starch, forms roasted aromas and finally heats up the thin mash. For many classic European beer styles, this method is particularly well suited. The better conversion of the mash increases the yield, the lautering wort obtained is exceptionally nice.

The procedure of the BrauEule brewing machine without own intervention is closer to the decoction method. The steam is generated by boiling water in the wort kettle of the maschine. The steam is mixed with air from the air hose and blown into the mash under the fals bottom of the mash and lautering tun through a steam hose. The thick part of the mash is at the bottom of the tun exactly where the steam is introduced. The hot bubbles with the thick mash rise in the pot and warm up the thin mash. Due to the boiling hot bubbles of thick mash during the heating up phases  the temperature jumps on the temperature sensor. That's typical of the process. The rests and temperatures are maintained by the controller.
If you want to brew closer to the infusion process, you can achieve this by stirring more often.

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