BrauEule II Pro Set

BrauEule II Pro Set

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Made in Germany in the middle of the Bavarian Alps you will not find anything like the BrauEule on the market. We put a lot of effort into building the perfect brewing machine. You will be impressed with the quality. Just as the many professional breweries that use the BrauEule for test batches and education. 

The BrauEule Brewing Advantage: It does the brewing for you, it does the cleaning for you, it controls the fermentation temperatures. It gives you time to do what you want. For example drinking delicious homebrew. 


BrauEule III features:

Machine controler programable with touch display
Copy, edit and store your own recepies
Descale your brewing water 

Only 1 h of manual work per batch 

Mashing with direct steam injection 

Lautering tun for perfect wort quality 

Integrated prep. of sparging water 

Outside boiling device 
Alarm functionality for several hop additions

Closed boiler, less steam and odor 

Whirlpool for separation of trub 
Alarm for wortcooling
Aerator for wort

Integrated cleaning programm 

Fermentation control by pluging in your own fridge or freezer. The BrauEule controls the cooler so it follows your exact fermentation profile.


Dimensions (W, T, D): 60 cm, 57 cm, 50 cm 

Capacity Wort Pot: 34 Liter 

Capacity Lauter Tun: 36 Liter 

Power: 230V, 50 Hz, 2,1 kW (115 V, 60 Hz, 2,1 kW available, please contact us)



Scope of delivery: BrauEule III brewing machine, mash- and lautering device